Spring 2023 Poetry

Lorelei Bacht John Cullen
Shae Krispinsky James McKee
Sloan Porter David Sapp

Winter 2022/23 Poetry

Phoebe Cragon Richard Dinges, Jr.
Kristen Haggatt-Abader Arezou Mokhtarian
Jim Murdoch Christina E. Petrides
Brent Short

Fall 2022 Poetry

Gale Acuff C.L. Bledsoe
billy cancel DeWitt Clinton
Mark DeCarteret Megan Denese Mealor
Stephanie Russell

Summer 2022 Poetry

Ali Asadollahi Christine Horner 
Susan Jennifer Polese RE DRUM
M.A. Schaffner Glen Vecchione
Vandana Kumar John Maurer  Stephen Mead
Paul Rabinowitz Juanita Rey Hoyt Rogers
Jason Visconti
WINTER 2021/22
Holly Day Ash Ellison Jonah Meyer
Bruce Parker Frederick Pollack Kate Porter
FALL 2021
Milton P. Ehrlich Maria Marrocchino Mikayla Schutte
Travis Stephens Jordyn Taylor Kim Zach
Carolyn Adams Torri Hammonds James Croal Jackson
J.R. Solonche Elizabeth Train-Brown Matt Zachary

Winter 2020/21 Poets


Jen Knox

Kate Porter

Gavriel Ross

John Sweet

Joy Williams

Fall 2020 Poets

Januário Esteves

Diana Ha

Ashley Inguanta

F.X. James

Steven M. Smith

Tim Suermondt

James Thurgood

Summer 2020 Poetry

Daniel Aristi Christopher Barnes Donna Dallas
Téa Nicolae Keko Prijatelj Abasiama Udom

Spring 2020 Poets

Six poets present new work.

Michele Alice
Terry Brinkman
Abigail George
Lance Lee
Charles J. March III
Juanita Rey

Summer 2019 Poets

Six poets present new work.

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

John Califano

R.T. Castleberry

Laurinda Lind

Nanette Rayman

Roger Singer

Spring 2019 Poets

New poetry from seven talented writers.

Holly Day

Chris Fox

Mary Kasimor

Jared Pearce

Marvin Rosel

Zach Trebino

Guinotte Wise

Winter 2018-19 Poets

New poetry from seven special writers.

Adrian Cretu

E.G. Ted Davis

M.A. Istvan, Jr.

A.C. O’Dell

Lauren Sartor

Alex Schmidt

J.A. Staisey

Fall 2018 Poets

New poetry from six great poets.

Judy Shepps Battle

Mary Bone

Zoë Christopher 

Jim Farfaglia

DS Maolalai

Amber Wilkinson

Summer 2018 Poets

New work from seven outstanding poets.

Anthony Isaac Bradley

Colleen Farrelly

Anastasia Jill

Nick Paul

Simon Perchik

Fabrice Poussin

Domenic Scopa

Spring 2018 Poets

New work from five amazing writers.

Brad Garber

Ricky Garni

Susan Richardson

Deborah Saltman

Kimberly White

Winter 2o17-18 Poets

New work from six very talented writers.

Ruth Bavetta

Joe Gianotti

Sergio A. Ortiz

Garth Pavell

Cliff Saunders

Sara Truuvert

Fall 2o17 Poets

Great new work from eight super-talented writers.

Lana Bella

Elizabeth Bolton

Lillian Hara

Kristen Hoggat-Abader

Glenn Ingersoll

Steven Ratiner

Margarita Serafimova

Keiona Wallace

Summer 2o17 Poets

New work from seven very talented writers.

Charles W. Brice

Abigail George

Greg Hill

Bruce McRae

A. A. Reinkeke

S. L. V. Stronwin

Kailey Tedesco

Spring 2017 POETS

Brand new work from some very talented writers.

Gayane M. Haroutyunyan

TS Hidalgo

Kasandra Larsen

E.M. Schorb

Tara Isabel Zambran0


Winter 2016-17 POETS

New work from five very talented poets.

Natalie Crick

Joseph Farley

Dustin Lowman

Tamer Mostafa

Melissa Watt

Fall 2016 POETS

Bold new work from six talented poets.

Christina Bavone

Sarah Blumrich

Seth King

Maria Marrocchino

Judith Roitman

Siavash Saadlou

Summer 2016 POETS

Exciting new work from seven talented poets. Enjoy all the work featured here.

Lana Bella

Janet Buck

D.G. Geis

Ashley Inguanta

Oliver Timken Perrin

Brad Rose

Lucas Shepherd

Spring 2016 POETS

Exciting new work from five talented poets. Enjoy all the work featured in our new issue.

Abigail George

adam l.

Michael Penny

Belinda Subraman

John Sweet


Excellent and diverse. Exciting new work from six outstanding poets. Enjoy each writer and all they have to offer.

Marcella Benton

Sean Howard

Kjell Nykvist

Josey Parker

Elizabeth Perdomo

Domenic James Scopa


Some impressive new work from six outstanding poets. Enjoy each and every one.

Michael Brownstein

Nuta Istrate Gangan

Karen Corinne Herceg

Bruce McRae

Alan Reese

Lauren Vargas

Summer POETRY 2015

Featuring some very impressive work from an outstanding group of poets. We hope you enjoy every word.

Charles Brice
Variations on a Buddha Shove • Ten Paintings by Matisse
Ten Jazz Standards • Tarzan In Winter, 1955

Robin Wyatt Dunn
The Glowing Adventure • Live at Five • Strange Horizons

Hannah Frishberg
Amtrak • Danse Macabre • This Social Generation

René Ostberg
Bioluminescent Bay • Aisling • Coconut

Jon Riccio
Streaming • Prompt • Separate Recyclables

Emily Strauss
Going on Vacation • The Sky Leaps to Light

Spring POETRY 2015

Featuring some impressive new work from seven outstanding poets. We hope you enjoy them all.

Sandra Rokoff-Lizut
April Fool • On Polliwog Pond • As Oregon winter begins

Marina Carreira
Capela de Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos • Requiem for the Heart – En Route to Montreal, on Our Anniversary

Kent Kosack
Spent Grains • The Attic • Your Hair • Commute

Claudia Putnam
Ain’t Got No • This Isn’t Really Happening • Sync

Kelly Thompson
Legacy • Colorado • Shape of a Song

John Lowther
Selections from 555

Gerard Sarnat
Where Erasers and Wastebaskets and I am Kept

Winter POETRY 2014-15

Featuring some great new work from an excellent group of poets. We hope you enjoy each and every one.

Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee
Coffee • Without • 2700 fps • Eaden

Colin Dodds
Loneliness Grow Stranger the Larger It Becomes • Secrets of the Modern Race • Rooms Without End

Kevin McCoy
Phone Rings • A Thousand Threads • King Street Aberdeen

John McKernan
The Thin Scar on Susan’s Right Wrist • Why Do Soldiers • Birthday Numero 47 • Public Park

Tamer Mostafa
Sniper’s Rhythm • Walk to the Coffee Shop • The Dealers are Sleeping

Tim Roberts
from 244 Passivity


Featuring fresh new work from an exceptional group of poets. We hope you enjoy each and every one.

R.A. Allen
Disclaimer • Future Bright • Side Work Sonatina

Christopher Suda
Wonder is a Wooden Leg • Caterpillars

Kim Suttell
As a Skinny Girl • Pierre • Acceptance • Pieces

Robert Lavett Smith
Sable • After Thirty Years • An Accident of Weather

John Ronan
Every Day is Garbage Day, Somewhere • Hanky Panky (A love song)

POETRY – Summer 2014

Featuring excellent new poetry from a talented group of writers. We hope you enjoy reading each and every word.

Darren Demaree
Adoration #109, Adoration #110, Adoration #111

Persephone Abbott
A Bucket of Water, The Pear in Her Lap, I Want for Powder, Rambunctious Love Fix Me, Short Florida Saga

Daniel Fitzgerald
Dust Storm, Caress, Professional Courtesy

Simon Perchik
New Poems

Joseph Ferguson
Rain on the Lake, The Hawk, Goose Woman

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper
Discordant Song, Fever, Tracings, Reflections, Falls’ Bright Flush, Sweeping Gestures

Shelby Stephenson
Chapter 14, 28 and 47 from Country

Adefisayo Adeyeye
Untitled, Untitled, Untitled