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Singing Under Veils

If You Know


Mother’s House

The Fever

Plague of Senses


Second Palette

Autumn Spirit

Dream Film

Here But When


As a fallen limb, bent spoon, snow melting over stone.
Inward life veering toward largely empty landscapes. Collector.
History, miniatures, shapes dug from the earth, animals, awkward postures, hair, 
long necks, textures, scents, window views.
Something out of time, flattened, studied, uncertain and uncomfortable.
Small, ineffectual mirror.

Amy Earles




The Fancy Thing

Mysterious All-Electric Eyes

Blue Birds

Green Hell


Wonder Wizard

Mean Girls Club


Cinderella Starfish

Frog Wife

High Fivesies

Pleasure Planet


Ryan Heshka is an artist and illustrator, born in Manitoba, Canada. He spent a lot of his childhood drawing, building cardboard cities and making super 8 films. Formally trained in interior design, he is self-taught as an artist. Ryan’s illustrations have appeared in publications such as Vanity Fair, Esquire, Playboy, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and others, as well as art magazines, American Illustration and Communication Arts. His artwork has been featured on the cover of BLAB!, and his work has been featured at galleries in North America (Roq La Rue, Seattle, WA; Richard Heller, LA; Copro Nason, LA; Orbit Gallery, NJ; Rotofugi, Chicago) and Europe (Feinkust Kruger, Germany; Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Italy). Ryan’s work is known for its surreal scenes, humor, pop culture references and visual language similar to comics and cartoons. He lives and works in Vancouver.

Ryan Heshka Art


The Art & Craft of Stewart Francis Easton

Meditation Upon Utopia
Floating Boy
Antlered Boy

His Piety Knows no Bounds

The Glass Bead Game

He Longed for Weightlessness



Accordion Boy

The Next Verse


Stewart Francis Easton is a visual storyteller based in London who works in thread, ink, paint and digital media. Easton received an MA in Illustration and Animation. He has had a number of solo shows both in the UK and USA as well as being involved in numerous group shows in the UK and USA. 

Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, Stewart Francis Easton’s work fuses together hand embroidery, sonic art and design-based illustration. He has been removing the ‘storyline’ of a visual narrative by creating geometric/graphic forms in stitch.  

This reassembling of his work ethic in a conscious measured layout enables the viewer to be free of their preconceptions of story. Some of his artworks are part of private collections in the UK and internationally. 



Bafler 19 (Arrow)

Heceta Head

Still Life


Placid, TX



Out There

Port Window



Artist Statement:
I find pleasure in discovering the artifactual nature of common objects, the sacred proportions in landscapes and urban scenes, and the perfect imperfections in birds and animals.  This series of photographs taken within, and in observation of, various Pacific Northwest homes, ships, WWII coastline surveillance buildings and other structures, explores the voyeuristic nature of human curiosity.  

I grew up in a family where something was always being made, repaired, or embellished. I earned a BA in Humanities from the University of Houston-Downtown, and have pursued art and photography as hobbies for many years.  In my native Houston, Texas my works have been included in exhibits such as “Houston Collage Underground” at DiverseWorks, and “Earth Visions” at the Museum of Printing History.  In my new home of Beaverton, Oregon, my photography and collage have featured in a “Beaverton Arts Mix” exhibit and in “#YourArtMoment”, an online gallery of works by local artists.
Links to Online Works:
Some of my art and photographs can be found at these links:

Groves of Arashiyama

Machos Tacos

Mecanica Idrio

Blue and White

Kamogawa Odori

Nuevos y Usados




Liz Brizzi Bio

A native of France, born of Italian parents, Liz grew up in Los Angeles. 

Inspired by the world and her travels, her keen eye captures the forlorn areas of our cities which she in turn transforms into scenes that whisk viewers away to an altogether different place, one filled with wonder and discovery.

She manipulates her original photography onto acrylic painted wood panels, then layers each piece with washes of color resulting in strikingly original works of art. Her mixed media paintings aim to cast a light on the lost and forgotten segments of the cities in which we live. 

Liz graduated in 2002 from Otis Art Institute with a BFA in Illustration and now works as a graphic artist from her studio in Los Angeles.


The Art of Carl Lozada

First Responder
Donated to the nursing department in Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

Forever Strong
Donated to Ladder 11 Company, in New York City.

We Belong

Honey Blossum
Showing now through July at The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles.

Moon Man



Jeju Island

New World

Angels & Demons

Artist Statement

I have been painting most of my life, picking up an ethnic style that exemplifies my experience as a Filipino/Jew living in Los Angeles. I am impassioned by the movement of todays culture. I am bound by expressing my feeling and need for belonging. Through my work, I try to show the struggles I faced being a person who never really fit in. Though my work went through a lot of changes, I always try to emote the feelings of the time: from troubles with mental illness and my highs and lows (literally). In my early art career and life I realize one thing that gave me hope to push on. I have found that nothing is perfect, including art. I realize the mistakes can have a more important value than the successes. Though I strive for success, I have learned to love my failures and try to keep them in my art. I realize, that if I try to see me through someone else’s eyes we are all the same. We basically go through the same things and the same struggles. Mistakes can be beautiful too.


Art Experience

The Hive (2020, Feature Artist)
Venice Art Auction (2013-2018, Charity Art Show)
La Luz De Jesus Gallery (2002-2018: Group Show)
Hale Art Space (2013: 2 Man Show)
Van Eaton Gallery (2012: Group Show)
Angel Project Food (2012, Charity Art Show)
Hale Art Space (2012: Solo Show)
Clare Foundation (2010-2012: Charity Art Show)
C.A.V.E Gallery (2009: Group Show)
The Hive (2007: Feature Artist)
The Hive (2007-Now: Monthly Group Shows)
Brea Gallery (2003-2006: Group Show)
Cannibal Flowers (2006-Now)
Monkeyhouse Toys (2006-Now)
De Vorzon Gallery (2001)

The Art of Jessica Brilli







JAN 1967




Artist Statement:

The enclosed body of work was inspired by 35mm Kodachrome slides and generations-old photographs that were gathered from locations across the United States. Through my experience of painting and sharing these photos, I have found that there is something inherent in them that speaks to many Americans, whether it be a photo taken at a pool party in 1965 or of someone’s mother standing in front of the family car—we insert our own lives into these scenes from the past.

I view thousands of slides and photos to find the ones that moves me emotionally. I’m constantly on the hunt for photos that mirror scenes from my childhood, or that I feel a connection to through personal or familial experience.

The suburban scenes I paint reflect my own childhood in New York on Long Island. The cars proudly displayed on driveways, the meticulously manicured lawns, inviting neighbor’s pools, and 1960’s architecture were the backdrop of my youth. Though I don’t live in this setting anymore, I still feel a significant connection to it.

This process of photographic research, and painting the essential scenic components, is very personal. I’ve realized, however, that my experiences are part of common thread that many Americans share regardless of age, race and gender. The images that produce a flood of involuntary memories for me often evoke similar cascades of feelings and thoughts in others. Why is this?

Another angle I’m interested in exploring is the effect of color on memory. When looking at vintage photography, I see the color as a built-in time stamp. Different types of film age in various ways because of unstable color dyes—the faded color scheme adds a Gestalt effect that evokes these nostalgic feelings.  Most of my paintings take place in the past before I was born. The photographs that inspire me act as my window to the past, and in my own case these photos color my impression of the past. Through these paintings I’m engaging with the past, and bringing along the view for the ride.

VISIT HERE: http://www.jbrilli.com/

Mary Boys by Karl Stephan


My name is Karl Stephan and I’m from Bristol in the UK. I write and draw (and publish) independent comic books. My latest project is called Mary Boys and it is currently funding on Indiegogo.

Mary Boys is about four teenage Knights Templar from a backwater English town. Their guardian and mentor is an old Catholic priest named Parrish who raised them in the ancient Templar fighting arts. Many year prior Parrish was the victim of an attempted robbery which left him with a bullet in his skull and flashbacks to a past life when he was a member of the original Order of the Knights Templar hundreds of years ago.

The Mary Boys are quadruplets born with a rare genetic condition that causes enlarged hands and feet, distorted facial features  and prevents sufferers from growing any body hair. Hence their strange appearance (I can draw normal people, honest!). Their condition also affects the way they metabolize alcohol. Drinking beer gives them almost superhuman strength strong and endurance (unlike the rest of us who send drunk texts to people we … shouldn’t).

The story takes place in Basham, the Boys’ home town, which is riddled with many social problems thanks to a huge retail corporation driving out small businesses, resulting in job cuts which left large sections of the community impoverished and resulted in a rise in organised crime.

Parrish prophesied that Basham will suffer a great biblical apocalypse unless it is purged from its evils so the boys roam the streets at night with their cricket bats, heavy boots and lager cans to bring in the needed salvation by force.

The ‘Mary’ in the title is a reference to the Boys being Catholic and also to the mysterious image of the Blessed Virgin being ever present in their nocturnal missions, guiding them in their fight against gangsters, hooligans and wrong ‘uns, including Basham’s own police force.

To raise the necessary funds to cover printing and shipping costs, which is where you lovely people come into the picture. In return for your monetary support, you will receive print copies of both 24 page comic books and other incentives as well, including art prints, emroidered patches and digital copies from my published comics catalogue.

A bit about the comic: My chief  stylistic inspirations for this project are golden age artists like Jack Davis, Will Eisner and Wally Wood.  Save for the lettering, all the art is traditionally illustrated with paint and ink, so it will have that old school feel to it. Please download a sample of the first 7 pages in the link below.

This Indiegogo campaign covers the first two issues, which contains the Boys’ origin story and introduces major characters and themes.

Sound interesting? Please join the mailing list at: https://maryboys.blogspot.com/ 

I’m on twitter too https://twitter.com/MaryBoys1

Social Media Links:





Link to Mailing List:


The Photography of Leigh Anita
















Living in Maine is like living in two places. I spend my days walking circles in the forest, down side streets, and through pocket gardens. In summertime, days pass slowly and the crystal green ocean glistens with falling waves. Deciduous forests cloak winding carriage trails to the Atlantic. In the winter there is only silence. Seaside towns that are so empty even light footsteps echo down their streets. Stone walls that once marked property lines crumble along the forest floor. Nature reclaims the ruins of ancestral homes and resort hotels. By night, dark salt water crashes against seaside cliffs while foghorns moan in the harbor. Three of the four seasons are spent in total isolation. Memories of being submerged in the amber glow of August fall away. Cicadas sing as the days grow shorter, until one morning a fog rolls in to hover above the marshland. I cross the great Piscataqua River by foot. From the bridge I watch its powerful current. Tankers pass along the waterfront with salt, freight, and scrap metal.

I grew up on a small island, and sometimes wonder if I grew up to become a small island. There are days that I escape to the city, but find vines creeping between the bricks and cobblestones.

Winter is brittle, trees lose their leaves and reach toward clouds heavy with snow. Days are dark and fade into what feels like endless night. Roads snake along the coast without streetlights, becoming treacherous after dusk. During my adolescence, I spent a great deal of time wandering the island. My brother and I made our playgrounds in abandoned bunkers and atop timber pilings that once supported an anti-submarine net to capture German U-Boats. When I couldn’t sleep, my father tapped messages on my back in morse code.

When I came of age, I left the island and all of its architectural ghosts. Every night, I found myself wandering city streets until sunrise, searching for patterns and visiting the dark waterfront. Silence no longer existed, and the stars were masked behind the ochre glow of millions of lights. As an adult, I find myself on the mainland, but within close proximity to the island and the unending loop. Although I work primarily as an illustrator, my creative process involves wandering alone and trying to understand what it means to be remote. I have returned for it. I vanish into the trees, down side streets, beneath the waves, into the salt air.


Art: @leighanita
Nature: @some.girls.wander.by.mistake


The Art of Katarina Zuder


Synthesis 1


Synthesis 2


Synthesis 3




Craving Loss 1


Craving Loss 2


Craving Loss 3


Martyr of Your Pleasure


Lady Grinning Soul


Perfect Girl








Katarina Zuder is an artist currently attending the Myers School of Art in Akron, Ohio. She is working towards a major in studio art and a minor in illustration. Her signature style consists of watercolor and ink; but has gotten into other mediums more recently. She finds her inspiration through her battle with anxiety, the societal standards set for women, music and religion. Her work has been a part of the 83rd Annual Juried Exhibition at the University of Akron and as the album art of local musicians. You can contact her through @katarina.zuder on Instagram.




Here are the links to her work:













The Fantastic Art of Natalie Shau



Blue Flamingoes


Alice Down the Rabbit Hole


Mcgee Alice




Alice Cat

Alice Cat


Open Up


Rabbit Mask


Magic Tea


How they met themselves


Alice and White Rabbit





About the Artist



Natalie Shau is mixed media artist and photographer based in Lithuania (Vilnius). She found interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art. Despite her personal work, Natalie also creates artwork and photography for musicians, theater, fashion magazines, writers and advertisement. She also worked as an art director for a short 3D movie of Kamel Ouali musical “Dracula.”



Lydia Courteille jewelry
Kamel Ouali
Kara expo
Island Def Jam
Ogilvy & Mather
Sony BMG
Century Media
Nuclear Blast
Metropolis records
Peaceville Records (Cradle of Filth)
Michel LAFON
Actes Sud
Simon & Schuster Books
Bloomsbury Publishing
Le Livre de Poche



Opera Gallery (USA)
Kat von D’s Wonderland gallery (USA)
Corey Helford Gallery (USA)
Vanilla Gallery (Japan)
Dorothy Circus Gallery (Italy)
Cabinet des Curieux (France)
Last Rites Gallery (USA)
STRYCHNIN Galleries (Germany)
Phillips de Pury & Company gallery (USA)



Tangled Tales (self published)
Art that Creeps (Korero Books)



LAMINATE most wanted
Zillo (Germany)
“WeAr” magazine (Germany)
“PHOTO+” magazine (South Korea)
“The Big Issue” magazine (AU)
“New York Arts” magazine (USA)
“Hi Fructose” magazine (USA)
“Juxtapoz” magazine (USA)
“Fantasy” magazine (USA)
“Refused” magazine (USA)
” EXOTIQUE 3″ magazine (USA)
“Computer Arts” magazine (UK)
“XFUNS” magazine (South Korea)
“Public Art” magazine (South Korea)
“Elegy” magazine (France)
“Vogue” magazine (France)
“Palace Costes” magazine (France)
“Muze” magazine (France)
“Computer Arts” magazine (France)
“Photo” magazine (France)
“Cimaise” magazine (France)
“Gazette de l’Hotel Drouor” newspaper (France)
“HDL” magazine (Israel)
“One Small Seed” magazine (South Africa)
“FEFE” magazine (Italy)
“INSIDEART” magazine (Italy)
“PLAYBOY” magazine (Lithuania)
“Stilius” magazine (Lithuania)
“IEVA” magazine (Lithuania)
“Pravda” magazine (Lithuania)
“Panelė” magazine (Lithuania)
“InFashion” magazine (Lithuania)
“UrbaNation” (Lithuania)
“Adoba” magazine (Czech Republic)
“PhotoArt” magazine (Czech Republic)




II place in Pioneers of Now A Talent Audition by Wacom Europe


Best fashion photographer Ieva Magazine’s (Lithuania) photo competition


best print advertisiment The Creative Circle Award

Cadbury/Bournville “Deliciously Dark Thoughts” – Ogilvy Jhb













If you are interested in fine art giclee prints – you can email me directly and i will provide you full information about price, edition and size of work you are interested in. Please note that copies are very limited and I have only few or even one copy of work sometimes as I do only very limited edition prints. They are all signed and numbered by hand.


Custom Portraits:

I can create a custom art portrait based on your photograph. Please contact me for details.



Books here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/240626494/tangled-tales-art-book-by-natalie-shau

and here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/240529309/lost-in-wonderland-art-album-by-natalie



The Art of Anna Angrick
















Anna Angrick is an illustrator from Indiana studying at School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Her work is inspired by mid-century children’s illustration, retro-futurism, and early Disney concept artists like Mary Blair and Rolly Crump. Anna is currently freelancing and working on personal commissions, but once she graduates she wants to concentrate on doing children’s book illustration and hopefully writing and illustrating her own children’s book.






The Art of Anita Leigh














Leigh Anita — Artist Statement

I was born during the Halloween season, imagining what is unseen for as long as I can remember. During my adolescence, I struggled with night terrors, at once being in fear of and fascinated by the dark. I had recurring dreams of a red house with a narrow twisting stairway. These long nights would leave a vivid imprint on my waking hours. I held onto the instinctive wisdom of sleep as a way to dispel these specters back into the darkness where they belonged. My work reflects a skeptical curiosity, offering a lightness to the monsters of folklore. I implore the viewer to embrace these characters with sympathy, and to see their fears as they are reflected upon what cannot be seen.

In my early twenties, I relocated to  Salem,  Massachusetts,  where  I  taught  myself wood burning and began experimenting  with  homemade  Ouija  boards  and  Tarot  in the attic apartment of an old house. The same presence followed me to work at an old theatre, where I stitched costumes late  into  the  night  while  displaced  voices echoed  through  the  rafters.  In these years, I suddenly found myself slipping close to  the veil. As I regained health, I began to study art  history  and  the  occult.  I  found power in the language of symbols and ritual practice. My work draws heavily on this time, much of my work acts as a conduit for my exploration of darkness and light. As    an adult, I imagine the good and evil that exists within us all. By night, I still often lay awake to see claw—like branches and shrouds flapping in the wind, and they inspire me to create, question, and continue to toe the line between the mundane  and  the twilight world of spirits.

Prints of her work are available at Etsy.com/shop/leighanita
If you’re interested in purchasing an original piece, please contact Leighanita@gmail.com


IG: @Leighanita




Ashley Urban

An Homage to Historic Downtown


Cal Edison Building


Cal Edison Building


Cal Edison Building


Hotel Hayward


Warner Bros Theatre Dome


Biltmore Hotel


Biltmore Hotel


Pac Mutual Building


Secret Ceiling


Los Angeles Theatre




Ashley Urban is a fine artist and illustrator, fashion designer, and visual story teller. Originally from the seclusions of a national forest in Colorado, she has found a strong juxtaposition of culture, sights, sounds and experiences after moving to Los Angeles in 2013. Ashley lives and designs a multitude of creative projects from her downtown Los Angeles studio. One of her favorite pastimes is taking walks through the downtown streets, photographing and studying historic architecture. She has an allegiance for sharing the sights of what she finds well designed, beautiful, strange, mesmerizing or overlooked. With an affinity for bygone eras, she finds considerable excitement and curiosity in the hidden stories that the spectacular historic buildings of Los Angeles could tell. You can find her art, photography, fashion and all manner of the ‘The Art of Style’ on her website, TheAshleyUrban.com



Social media: 
Architecture photography: @Urban.Decadence
Art/Fashion/Design: @TheAshleyUrban










Death Rock Babe




Type 13


Type 5


Kawaii Goth






Type 2







HELLGA’s real name is Olga, and she lives in St. Petersburg. She has drawn since childhood, has no special art education, and is mostly self-taught. As a teenager, she became fascinated with the goth subculture and dark aesthetics. Since then, she’s been drawing portraits of people, fashion illustrations, stickers and prints in her favorite style. She also sews costumes for photo shoots, and makes headpieces and jewelry.


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hellga_protiv

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/hellgaprotivart

Deviantart​ https://hellgaprotiv.deviantart.com




Fire Ball
Tragedy at the Fair

(with all respect and sadness for Tyler Jarrell)

by Nick Paul


hurry! hurry!
step this way
the drunken lips
of a carnie say

step aboard
and ride the ride
without you knowing
its suicide

strap on in
and hold real tight
pumping music
swirling light

it goes real high
it goes real fast
on one young life
a shadows’ cast

somethings’ wrong
you hear a snap
your seat is broke
you have no strap

your suddenly thrown
into the air
this isn’t right
this isn’t fair

you crash to earth
upon your head
your only eighteen
and now your dead

such a waste
such a crime
to be the topic
of this rhyme

a young boy’s future
put to waste
reopen tommorrow
don’t hesitate

he’s more than a statistic
he was a human being
a horrible diaster
this horrible feeling





Skid Row Queens and Halloweens


I am a haunted poet
who likes to write in rhyme
menacing creatures lick their lips
between my evry’ line

The pagan day is coming
its only moons away
painted faces powdered wigs
better get out of my way

Is my cloth a costume?
These rags that I have found
black feathered horses
pull my coach around

A hag is talking to herself
I think she’s schizophrenic
she squats and pees upon the floor
she is a bit eccentric

Court ordered I start therapy
and talked about my past
he opened the bottle of my soul
and poured me into a glass

as my life was pouring
he held me to the light
he smelled my lifes bouquet
and asked me how I felt tonight

in the cafe I fell asleep
and when I tried to stand
I tumbled to the floor
like a wiggly rubber band

I told him all about myself
to explain the way I dress
I tried to salvage decency
from this indecent mess

So very much to talk about
in such a little span of time
what truths should I discuss
what lies will I leave behind?

Which memories are fabricated
and are nothing more than lies
I’ll make him feel compassionate
I’ll bring tears into my eyes

and I can be such a liar
just to have you on my side
feathered horses galloping
this will be a bumpy ride

did my ghosts get exorcised?
Are they still gagged and  bound?
Moon light cast long shadows
Skid Row queens dance around

GreyHounds bare their teeth
chewing morsels from the floor
I lift my lamp into the dark
another memory to explore

life can be a haunted holiday
a friendly gesture turns obscene
the dead request another dance
and  I waltz within a dream




Nick Paul lives in downtown Los Angeles. He loves the people he meets, and is fascinated by other artists and their work. Nick is currently looking for galleries to exhibit his work. Feel free to get in touch with him.

Contact info: nickpaulartist@gmail.com





We changed our name: we are now Studio 526 (formerly Lamp Arts Program)!

The People Concern’s Studio 526 arts program is a creative studio platform for all residents of Skid Row neighborhood, rooted in the conviction that equitable access to arts and cultural spaces is a fundamental human right, essential for all people and communities.






The Art of Stephanie Garber


Houses of the Holy


Wild Horses


Fate in Bloom


River’s Edge




Puppet Master’s Dance


A Breezy Kind of Day


Hanging On the Moon


Days Gone By





Stephanie Garber is an intuitive abstract artist. Her prolific art is an expression of her life’s experiences. She uses gestures, texture, color and storytelling to relate to the viewer through common ground. She has worked in Watercolor, print making and currently is exploring the freedom of abstract painting. Stephanie is self taught and credits her mother’s life as an artist as her earliest influence in art.

Stephanie Garber on Instagram













Blythe Smith Artwork


New Dawn


Blue Bird


Ex-Smoker’s Dream




Collector’s Pride


The Girl with the Red Shoes


Feeling Christmassy







My art starts from the private but often ends up being generally applicable. It starts from small, seemingly unimportant incidents and often ends up being political.

My themes are (megalo)maniac: power, gender, addiction. I see meanings related to these themes everywhere.

I am interested in studying what meaning is, how meanings change, merge, and dissolve.

I think it is useless for an artist to declare truths, since they are scarce. In the best possible case, the meanings of the author and the experiencer enter into a dialogue with each other and nurture each other. Although art can never convey the truth, I hope that, when experienced, my art becomes true and that its meanings turn meaningful. That my art can influence and, whilst influencing, generate new art.

My art is multimodal, it is meant to appeal to all senses: I make use of language, puns, humour, irony, moving images, sounds, paintings, installations that you can touch, taste, hear, and smell.

I’m currently studying in Art Education in the Masters Programme at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland.




blythesmith1Blythe Smith is a Finnish visual artist with a strong background in linguistics and literature. In her work, she explores meanings: how meanings emerge and merge, how they change and dissolve in human interaction.

Blythe Smith’s work ranges from drawings and watercolor paintings to experimental video art. She is a graduate of Art School MAA and holds an MA in English and Romance philology.




The Art of Miss Fluff



Bubble Doll


Ice Cream Pinup Doll


Leopard Mermaid with Sea Kittens


Glamour Girl on the Moon


Martini Mermaid


Pinup Nurse


Sugar Pinup


Tipsy Martini Mermaid




Fluff is an enchanting design brand created by artist, Claudette Barjoud. She is a multi media artist working in both traditional and digital mediums. Her inspiration comes from childhood loves such as Betty Boop, Disney, Hello Kitty, and Vintage Barbie, just to name a few. Combined with a fascination for exploring the styles and themes of decades past including Classic Pin Up, Golden Age Hollywood Glamour, Tiki, Rockabilly, Mid Century Mod and Art Deco! Claudette founded Fluff with the mission of making people “squeal with delight” for which she designed many collections of accessories over the last 15 years. That is how she became known as Miss Fluff, the lady that creates all the Fluff!

Recently Miss Fluff has turned her focus solely to the pursuit of creating art, releasing her designs onto products only through collaborations and on demand production companies.



I was born and raised in Miami, FL, and have loved to draw since I was about five years old.  I would go off  by myself and just escape into my mind, drawing for hours non stop. I did not see it as anything more than a hobby for a long time until my best friend’s boyfriend would not stop talking about an amazing arts high school he was attending. He was in theater, but the school had all the disciplines including dance, music and visual arts!  He went on about how he got to have such fun classes and that the visual artists there were so good there was no way I could get in.  Well, I never back down from a challenge, so I auditioned.  He was right.  I was not as skilled as the other artists. But, I won over the teachers on the jury with sheer enthusiasm and got into the school, New World School of the Arts in Miami!  So that was the start of art as my life.  I had an art degree and no idea what to do with it. So I started working for different companies that required “artsyish” talents ranging from logo and brochure design to magazine layout. I was not getting to draw or really design much, but wherever I was, I always kept a little sketch book with me where I would scribble fun ideas I would do if I could do whatever I wanted. While I was working at Fredericks of Hollywood I was asked to design the packaging for some of their products: Some pajama sets and bridesmaid gifts. I decided to make them more fun and friendly with vintage inspired illustrations of cute pinup girls and animals. They became very popular and people even started collecting the products with my designs! This got me thinking, maybe I really could do my own art and design for a living.So I took two weeks off of work, put together a line of greeting cards with my art and went to the California Gift Show. They were just printouts from my little desktop printer. But I took orders on them and I have never looked back since. After making the cards I was licensed by different manufacturers that expanded my line into purses, cosmetic bags, apparel, a pet line and much more!  It was carried in over 2000 boutiques all over the world. I named my line Fluff because it is fun and frivolous, an escape into a fantasy of vintage inspired cuteness! And after the first couple of years people started calling me Miss Fluff!  Because I was the lady who designed all the Fluff!

My artwork is heavily inspired by things I loved from my childhood: Vintage Barbie, Cartoons from the 1930’s like Betty Boop, and  original Disney films. I love to mix this up with classic Pin Up , Rockabilly style and Old Hollywood glamour and burlesque. Overall I am simply in love with the art and design of decades past. There is too much to name it all here! I just think it has so much charming magic and I hope to capture that in my own work. After designing for Fluff and managing the business for almost 15 years, I am so excited to have gone solo and dedicate myself to art only! I am so grateful to be doing what I love the most as my full time thing! And even happier that people enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it. Claudette Barjoud  a.k.a  Miss Fluff



Website: www.missfluff.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missfluff
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miss.fluff/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miss_Fluff




The Art of Annelisa Leinbach 





abstract houses












time to spare






in jail





Annelisa Leinbach is an artist and illustrator. Her work focuses on politics, fantasy, and the complex interactions of people that make up a society. She has painted in Mongolia, Iceland, Israel/Palestine, France, Germany, Barbados, around the US, and beyond. She has most recently been published in the law journal of the Lowenstein Human Rights Clinic at Yale University and The Art of Eating magazine. You can find her painting a wall somewhere in the world or wandering around in the desert in her native Arizona.

See more of her work at annelisaleinbach.com or instagram.com/annelisaleinbach.