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Hudson by Coop

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.
I’m old.
Dumped art school after a semester. Got out and finally settled in LA.
In between I worked for rock ‘n’ roll bands traveling the world and discovered Professor Longhair and Papa Lightfoot.
Drew a picture everyday.
Dumped it during the Manson fun.
Partnered up in ANT FARM
Made tons of art, life art, video.
Dumped it and retired to Mendocino.
Partner and co-founder of TVTV.
Made a ton of TV shows and video.
Sodbuster on the heliacal scan trail.
Dumped that when I was stabbed in the back.
Joined 695 and did a picture a year and had a show a year.
Still painting and trying to perfect ways of making sealing wax.

Most people know my work, but not my name. I created the Cadillac Ranch. You know that big bunch of Cadillacs buried in the Panhandle? Just outside Amarillo, Texas? 10 cars 10 sets of tailfins depicting the Rise and Fall Of The Tailfin.

That was a smart thing to do. The second smart thing I did was COPYRIGHT the piece in the name of Ant Farm. People pay for the image. Sometimes.

I have been a polltaker, a commie campus arsonist, an LSD purveyor, van customizer molten zinc wrangler, front man for Zep and Peter Grant, record producer, car washer, weed seller, cook, pornographer, resale rag runner, father to Terraplane Leander, road manager, boom man, mixer, cable puller, alleged artiste, magazine writer, Negrobilia collector, fly fisherman and a lot of other things that I forget.

My current painting are about Great Moments in RnB and high heel shoes. Wimmens’ shoes. They are imprinted on me from the Bourbon Street strip joints and childhood. All women wore heels. I just love shoes.

R&B illustrated stories are all true … Imprinted on me since hearing Little Richard on WBOK as a child. Wop Bop A Loo Bop Wop Bop Bam.



From New Orleans, Louisiana
Education, Newcomb College
Partner, ANT FARM group
Co-founder, TVTV Video Collective


Whitney Museum of American Art — Young Printmakers
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas — Inaugural Show
20/20 Vision: Ant Farm
Museum of Modern Art — Video Eye
Mail Art Show
Documentaries Now
Houston Museum of Fine Art — Texas Landscape
Berkeley Museum of Art — ANT FARM, traveling retrospective


Zero One, Los Angeles
Swope Gallery Los Angeles
La Luz De Jesus Los Angeles – January 9  – February 1, 2015
Diverse Works, Houston, Texas
Redbud Houston, Texas

Represented by Billy Shire Fine Arts, Los Angeles


For more information, visit: Hudson Marquez

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