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To Dig or Not to Dig!

Care for a Bite!
Beats on the GO!
Sin on Wheels
Untamed Youth
Nice Digs!
Crankenstein Meets Biker Bride
Power to the People!
Mod vs Rocker
Paradise Polynesian Style


What’s buzzin’ cousin? Lemme clue ya’ to what Derek’s been up to these most recent dims n’ brights. He’s makin’ art like … no-tomorrow-style. This cat’s got a way long history of scratchin’ out art for lots of king-sized bigwigs like Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network. But nowadays he strictly digs the gigs that let him beat his own bongos.

He gets a large charge creatin’ art for a whole heap of way-out events such as the Tiki Oasis, Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, Tales of the Cocktail and even Spain’s Wild Weekend! He’s also laid out art for several righteous rags like Barracuda, Atomic, and Tiki Magazine. And like, most recently he’s been interviewed and featured in some nutty overseas mags … Playboy Brazil, Cover Magazine in Venezuela and the French art mag HEY! Now if that don’t send you into orbit, you’re runnin’ on the wrong kinda fuel!

But what really flips his switches like … too much, is makin’ with the Van Gogh routine. Derek’s had his paint splatters well-hung in galleries all over the world. MondoPop in Italy, Outré in Australia, Vertigo in Mexico and La Fiambrera in Spain to namedrop just a fewsville.

Derek has also been commissioned to create art for such hi-falootin’ fat cats as Shag, Elvira, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Pixar director Lee Unkrich! Crazy, man!

Like … Derek would rather juggle chainsaws than be a nine to five pencil-pusher so you know these days he’s diggin’ a one-way ticket to Flipsville! See ya soon, baboon!


IG… derek.art



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