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Delia Ciccarelli Artwork

About the Artist

Delia Ciccarelli is an Italian illustrator. She has published several books of her illustrations to make people happy in the World. At 4 years old, Delia splashed drawings and colors on the walls of her parent’s home, which made them very happy, and they kept them with love. When she was 19, she began animating characters for television and cinema at an animation studio in Rome. She studied Architecture at University but left after completing 27 exams. Afterwards, she studied at the Academy of Illustration in Rome and has since worked with publishers in the UK, Faroe Islands, Italy, US and Australia. Delia is a nature lover, loves taking long walks in the natural world with her little pigeon, Sun, whom she loves very much — to think, inspire, recreate and imagine. She also likes to take little trips in her car (with Sun pigeon too) discovering new places.

You can view Delia’s work on instagram @deliaimagination

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