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Dust Storm

by Dan Fitzgerald


A shifting origami of dirt and air,
beseeching bent-willed wind
to settle on a shape.





Her fingers brought
the sky to my skin.
Caressed, I wander in clouds,
unafraid of rain or sun.



Professional Courtesy


Jesus said,
please don’t hit me
on the head,
use the hammer and nails instead.
I’m a carpenter.





dan fitzgerald poetDan Fitzgerald started writing a number of years ago. It has only been in the last few years that he has been published. He worked for a long time in the prepress print industry but technology has taken those jobs away. He is currently employed in the meat and bakery departments of a local grocer in Pontiac, Ill. He is hoping that they will open a candle department to further his career.

Dan has been published in Poet Band Company, Nomads Choir, Writers’ Journal, and The Advocate among others.





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