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Happiness is a Foil Balloon 2016

Happiness is a Foil Balloon – 2016


If You're Happy and You Know It - 2016

If You’re Happy and You Know It – 2016



Last Fitting of the Spring Festival Dress – 2016


You Would, Wouldn't You - 2016

You Would, Wouldn’t You – 2016


Horticultured and Hilarious - 2016

Horticultured and Hilarious – 2016


The National Anthem - 2016

The National Anthem – 2016



Dodging paparazzi while shopping for chicken nuggets at the local supermarket – 2016



Baby, you shouldn’t have broken those promises – 2016


Deny My Integrity and I'll Deny Yours - 2016

Deny My Integrity and I’ll Deny Yours – 2016





My art starts from the private but often ends up being generally applicable. It starts from small seemingly unimportant incidents and often ends up being political.

My themes are (megalo)maniac: power, gender, addiction. I see meanings related to these themes everywhere.

I am interested in studying what meaning is, how meanings change, merge, and dissolve.

I think it is useless for an artist to declare truths, since they are scarce. In the best possible case, the meanings of the author and the experiencer enter into a dialogue with each other and nurture each other. Although art can never convey the truth, I hope that, when experienced, my art becomes true and that its meanings turn meaningful. That my art can influence and, whilst influencing, generate new art.

My art is multimodal, it is meant to appeal to all senses: I make use of language, puns, humour, irony, moving images, sounds, paintings, installations that you can touch, taste, hear, and smell.




blythesmith1Blythe Smith is a Finnish visual artist with a strong background in linguistics and literature. In her work, she explores meanings: how meanings emerge and merge, how they change and dissolve in human interaction.

Blythe Smith’s work ranges from drawings and watercolor paintings to experimental video art. She is a graduate of Art School MAA and holds an MA in English and Romance philology.




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