The Writing Disorder features interviews with writers and artists making an impact in their field. We seek to understand how they work, where they started, and how they continue to be creative and successful. These interviews offer insight into the creative process, and what makes an artist do what they do.

Interview – Spring 2024

Interview with author, Sandra Niemi

Interview – Summer 2021

INTERVIEW: Pauline Butcher Bird

Interview – Fall 2020

INTERVIEW: Philip Cioffari by Bill Wolak

INTERVIEW – Summer 2020

Judith Skillman by Janée J. Baugher

INTERVIEW – Spring 2020

Interview with poet Chryssa Nikolakis by Bill Wolak

INTERVIEW – Summer 2019

Interview with Author and Filmmaker, Mallory O’Meara

INTERVIEW – Winter 2018

Interview with Author, Kathryn Harrison

INTERVIEW – Summer 2016

Interview with Writer and Filmmaker, Jon Wilkman

INTERVIEW – Winter 2015-16

Interview with Writer and Architect, Alan Hess

INTERVIEW – Fall 2015

Interview with Writer and Musician, Tara Vanflower

INTERVIEW – Summer 2015

Interview with Poet and Playwright, Dimitris Lyacos

INTERVIEW – Winter 2014-15

Interview with Comic Artist, Karl Wills

INTERVIEW – Fall 2014

Dixon Hearne – Interview with Author, David Armand

Eric Vasallo – Interview with Graffiti Artist, Zamar

INTERVIEW – Summer 2014

Simon Larbalestier – Photographer

David Rose – Writer

INTERVIEW – Winter 2013

Chang-rae Lee – Writer

INTERVIEW – Fall 2013

Ivy Pochoda – Writer

INTERVIEW – Summer 2013

Steph Cha – Writer

INTERVIEW – Fall 2011

Tina May Hall – Writer