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The Art of Carl Lozada

First Responder
Donated to the nursing department in Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

Forever Strong
Donated to Ladder 11 Company, in New York City.

We Belong

Honey Blossum
Showing now through July at The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles.

Moon Man



Jeju Island

New World

Angels & Demons

Artist Statement

I have been painting most of my life, picking up an ethnic style that exemplifies my experience as a Filipino/Jew living in Los Angeles. I am impassioned by the movement of todays culture. I am bound by expressing my feeling and need for belonging. Through my work, I try to show the struggles I faced being a person who never really fit in. Though my work went through a lot of changes, I always try to emote the feelings of the time: from troubles with mental illness and my highs and lows (literally). In my early art career and life I realize one thing that gave me hope to push on. I have found that nothing is perfect, including art. I realize the mistakes can have a more important value than the successes. Though I strive for success, I have learned to love my failures and try to keep them in my art. I realize, that if I try to see me through someone else’s eyes we are all the same. We basically go through the same things and the same struggles. Mistakes can be beautiful too.


Art Experience

The Hive (2020, Feature Artist)
Venice Art Auction (2013-2018, Charity Art Show)
La Luz De Jesus Gallery (2002-2018: Group Show)
Hale Art Space (2013: 2 Man Show)
Van Eaton Gallery (2012: Group Show)
Angel Project Food (2012, Charity Art Show)
Hale Art Space (2012: Solo Show)
Clare Foundation (2010-2012: Charity Art Show)
C.A.V.E Gallery (2009: Group Show)
The Hive (2007: Feature Artist)
The Hive (2007-Now: Monthly Group Shows)
Brea Gallery (2003-2006: Group Show)
Cannibal Flowers (2006-Now)
Monkeyhouse Toys (2006-Now)
De Vorzon Gallery (2001)