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The Art and Humor of Danny Ochoa


Piece Frog


Peace Frog


Beany and Cecil Tribute


Lords of the Cemetery




Las Adelitas Sanchez




The Many Vices of Shiva


Immaculate Deception


Luna the Bee


Minimum Wage









Danny Ochoa is an Illustrator and Animator strongly influenced by Folk and Psychedelic Art. Fascinated by the medium of Animation since the age of five, he attended classes at The Academy Of Art University in San Francisco majoring in Illustration and Animation. Having lived in the Bay Area for close to a decade, he managed to meet a lot of interesting Artists, Musicians and Writers who shaped his approach to Life and Art in general. He has worked for such companies as Fox ADHD, Bento Box Entertainment and Lowbrow Studios. He currently resides in his hometown of Los Angeles working as a Retake Animator at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and spending his spare time completing his short film which has been in production for over a year.