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Arezou Mokhtarian Poetry

This is sea
Berthed here.
through the windows
the winds open
and then close.

The door was left open
and all of a sudden,
Tangled branches of fire
– blossoming into the room –
Appeared at the doorway
like parrots spreading out their crowns.
I could stare at
from the lane.

I burst into laughter
by earth rotating around the sun
and by earth rotating around itself.

I turn into water
Leaking through the cracks,
Falling down the waterfalls of your shoulders,
Sharp blades unkissed.

I am the water and I am the seeds
White doves eat
their wings unfolded.

Or the mist of the sky
Descending into yellow grass gardens.

Now I am throat of singing birds
Sleeping and silent
Like a cup engraved with flowers and birds.


I’m Arezou Mokhtarian, a 45-year-old Iranian woman from Esfahan. Since my teenage years I started writing poems, I`ve never stopped writing, I never could. My poems have appeared in various literary journals, and I have also published three poetry volumes in Persian. Currently I am pursuing my writing career as a poet, as well as a self-taught researcher and essayist.